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06/12/2011Bob Butler Freedom (6-12-11sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Romans 8:1-11
Discusses why there is no condemnation
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08/14/2011Bob Butler All Things (8-14-11Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Romans 8:26-30
Answering how all thing can work together
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08/21/2011Bob Butler God's love (8-21-11Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Romans 8:31-39
Reasons for the certainty of God's love
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08/28/2011Bob Butler Israel (8-28-11Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Romans 9:1-18
Israel demonstrates God plan for humanity.
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09/04/2011Bob Butler The Potter (9-4-11sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon 9:19-33
Answers to Paul's question, Why does God still find fault
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09/18/2011Bob Butler Call on the Lord (9-18-11sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon 10:14-21
We explore a response to God
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