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07/01/2018Bob Butler A Prayer for the USA
Fall on Our Knees prayer
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02/26/2017Bob Butler God's Heart and Politics
Sunday sermon Genesis
If we believe that God created and the Bible is His revelation, what should we our values?
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08/30/2015Bob Butler The Temple
Sunday sermon Luke 2:21-38
Joseph and Mary take Jesus to the Temple.
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03/15/2015Bob Butler Works and Faith, pt. 2
Sunday sermon James 3:18-26
Faith is more than belief. Faith exercises obedience. Faith demonstrates existence.
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02/22/2015Bob Butler The Royal Law
Sunday sermon James 2:8-13
Founded in the character of God. Avoids legalistic failure. Demonstrates the heart of God.
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02/08/2015Bob Butler Real Religion
Sunday sermon James 1:26-27
A bridled tongue; orphans and widows; moral integrity
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