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03/15/2015Bob Butler Works and Faith, pt. 2 (2-18-26James.mp3)
Sunday sermon James 3:18-26
Faith is more than belief. Faith exercises obedience. Faith demonstrates existence.
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09/29/2019Bob Butler Who Is on the Lord's Side? (GodsSide9-29-19.mp3)
Sunday sermon Exodus 20:2-17
God's values
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11/10/2013Bob Butler Transformed: The Church1 (sermon11-10-13.mp3)
Sunday sermon Colossians 1:18
We needed one another, corporately and individually
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10/20/2013Bob Butler Transformed by Grace: the Word of God2 (sermon10-20-13.mp3)
Sunday sermon Isaiah 55:11
Finished our discussion of the transforming power of God's Word
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10/06/2013Bob Butler Transformed by Grace: The Word of God1 (sermon10-6-13.mp3)
Sunday sermon Isaiah 55:11
Started our look at the transforming power of God's Word.
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10/27/2013Bob Butler Transformed by Grace: The Holy Spirit (sermon10-27-13.mp3)
Sunday sermon Matthew 3:16-17
Answers who or what is the Holy Spirit
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