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12/02/2018Bob Butler A Change in Perspective - Advent (12-2-18Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Genesis 22:1ff
Jesus came to change our perspectives
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12/09/2018Bob Butler A Change in Priorities - Advent (12-9-18Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Romans 1:18-23
Jesus came to change our priorities
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12/23/2018Bob Butler A Change in Spiritual Orientation Advent4 (12-23-18Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon Luke 19
to be a child of God, a citizen of heaven, and a spiritual conqueror
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12/16/2018Bob Butler A Change in Values - advent (12-16-18Sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon 1 Corinthians 13:1ff
To change our values to love, humility, and truth
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10/23/2011Bob Butler A Living Sacrifice (10-23-11sermon.mp3)
Sunday sermon 12:1, 2
Answering, what is reasonable
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07/01/2018Bob Butler A Prayer for the USA (NationalPrayer7-1-18.mp3)
Fall on Our Knees prayer
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