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10/23/2011Bob Butler A Living Sacrifice
Sunday sermon 12:1, 2
Answering, what is reasonable
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04/28/2013Bob Butler ABCs of Faith
Sunday sermon Hebrews 11:17-31
Acting in the present; believing God's past declarations, considering God's future promises
4-28-13ByFaith.DOC Download 4-28-13ByFaith.DOC
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08/14/2011Bob Butler All Things
Sunday sermon Romans 8:26-30
Answering how all thing can work together
8-14-AllThings.DOC Download 8-14-AllThings.DOC
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01/08/2012Bob Butler Authority
Sunday sermon Romans 13:1-7
Reasons to submit to authority
1-8-12authority.DOC Download 1-8-12authority.DOC
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01/22/2012Bob Butler Blurring the Focus
Sunday sermon 14:1-9
Getting off track from our basic responsibilities
1-22-12eating.DOC Download 1-22-12eating.DOC
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09/18/2011Bob Butler Call on the Lord
Sunday sermon 10:14-21
We explore a response to God
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